Getting Dreams Done

Become the change you want to see in this world

Getting Dreams Done

To Make A Positive Impact,
You Have To Focus On The Essential

But there is a problem …

  • Our increasingly digital world, full of distractions
  • Building self-management practices and habits alone is hard
  • Existing productivity systems are boring and incomplete
  • Your mind is occupied by too many thoughts and ideas
  • Digital tools are fragmented and limit your creativity

Getting Dreams Done is everything you need, to get where you want to be:

A Thriving Community of Change-Makers Like You

You are not alone on your journey. Our friendly community is a safe space to seek guidance and exchange ideas. We also have weekly community calls where you can join the live-conversations and meet fellow change-makers.

An Analog Organizational System Without Distractions

This project started with an analog journaling system that we refined to a perfect fusion of existing self-management and productivity methods. Pen and paper facilitate mindfulness, flexibility, creativity, and focus. Enjoy being offline!

A Safe Space for All Your Thoughts and Ideas

Our Getting Dreams Done Journal allows you to get everything out of your head into your trusted, analog organizational system. From personal reflection, small chores to your next big project, everything has its place and nothing gets lost.

A Purpose-Driven Productivity Workflow

We wouldn't call our project "Getting Dreams Done" if it was just another productivity planner. Our system was carefully designed to promote personal development through reflection, visionary thinking, and goal-achievement.

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